November 14, 2011

About Me

 Grubarazzi with her adorable and supportive husband 
(a.k.a taste tester extraordinaire)

I am a classically trained eater with a passion for cooking, photography, writing, and travel. I write about what makes me tick, mainly grub.

After a decade of climbing the corporate ladder I craved an outlet for my insane love of food, photography, writing and family. Since I was a babe my foodie parents saw the passion in my eyes when they would bring their homemade concoctions to the table.  This blog combines everything I adore in life. 

The recipes, photos and scribbles on the pages of Grubarazzi are yours truly, although I am constantly inspired by chefs, friends and fellow food bloggers. Twisting classics while respecting tradition is what Grubarazzi is all about. I only hope my passion is duly expressed and motivates readers to try anything. 

Enjoy the recipes, dance, laugh and eat with me. And for goodness sakes, get your grub on!  


  1. What a nice photo--I think we're blogging for similar reasons. I love to cook, and other than writing for work (which doesn't count), I needed a place to write about things I find interesting.

  2. I started blogging due to my love of food. I consider it a learning as well as expressive journey. I look forward to your next tasty creation and have a great day!

  3. It's definitely a passion that's usually in our genes! Great blog.

  4. Awww!! What a great picture of you and your food taster hubby!! I love how food brings people together. I've met so many wonderful people while blogging so it's reach is extraordinary. I actually started blogging because I loved looking at food in cookbooks and wanted to see if I could take some good food pictures. Then the obsession started and I haven't been able to stop. The great thing my family enjoys my hobby so I keep going. :)

  5. This is GREAT! I love the photo and thanks for a peek into your passion! It's funny - I refer to my husband as Honey Bunny on the blog, but his job is taste tester, too! ....and he takes his job VERY seriously! :o)

  6. Great site you have here! I'm happy to find another person who shares the same passion as mine! I truly look forward to reading more of your posts!!!


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