September 28, 2013

Have Time, Will Travel

There are rare moments in life when someone is set free from an overload of obligation to step back, soak it all in, and have an adventure.

Florida sunrise on the way to deep sea fishing

After graduating in May, all of my energy was focused on saying "yes" to every travel opportunity put in front of me. The plan was to 1) have fun 2) find some great food and 3) rediscover my eternal optimism which had depleted after a few set backs along the way.

Eating lobsters in Maine

For weeks now, I have been bouncing on to trains, buses, planes, and automobiles. Thousands of miles from here to there and back. I went to Florida on an exciting  family road trip to Austin, stuffed myself in to a car for a road trip from Baltimore to Maine with great friends, devoured New York City on foot, and I just got back from Charleston, South Carolina.


I have so much to share it is almost overwhelming. Each city I visited is speckled with history and has their own stamp on the American culinary landscape. Over the next few weeks, I will share my favorite moments and restaurants along the way, including pictures of food, drunk girls, and happy moments from a summer that filled my cup back up to the brim.

Beignet binge at Cafe Du Monde in NOLA


  1. This is like if Dr. Who had a cooking show

  2. That picture with the lobsters? How did you get your Inner Child to pose for the camera?

  3. Glad your cup is full to the brim again. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about those moments that contributed to putting you back in sparkling form.


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